FDOT Employees Help “Cindy’s Pets”



On Saturday, January 18th, Development’s Roger Roscoe, Lori Marable and her dog Gypsy Rose volunteered their time to provide a FDOT safety table at the annual “Cindy’s Pet’s Dog Walk & People Run” at Sims Park in New Port Richey. Despite the 50 degree weather, over 75 runners and 50 dogs participated in events such as a 5k Race, a “Fun Run” and even a Dog Walk & Dog Show.

Roger, Lori and Gypsy Rose handed out safety products such as bike lights, velcro reflectors, tire gages, “Recipes for the Road” booklets,  and other safety documents for the kids & adults in attendance.

“We were so well received and appreciated,” Roscoe said, “that we were asked to come back again next year!”

About “Cindy’s Pets”

Cindy’s Pets (The Cindy Allgood Fund) was created in memory of Cindy, pet lover extraordinaire!

“Helping Seniors and Their Pets.”

Genesis School and interested parents and friends have recently come together to create a program which will provide needed pet food for the animals of Senior citizens in our area.  Called Cindy’s Pets, our organization is working in conjunction with Pasco County’s Elderly Nutrition “Meals on Wheels” program.

It has been noted that many seniors, while participating in the “Meals on Wheels” program, often give a portion of their delivered meals to their beloved pets.  These companion pets are frequently a homebound senior’s only “family” member, and the pet’s well-being is naturally very important to them.    Our goal, then, is to provide good nutritional food for the animals, thereby enabling the elderly to enjoy their own meals with the knowledge that their pet is also being taken care of.

The kind people at Pasco County’s “Meals on Wheels” program have identified 192 pets owned by homebound seniors who would benefit from our program.  Our plan is to purchase the pet food, package it according to each pet’s size, and deliver the appropriate supply either once or twice a month.