Bayway Bridge Crew Goes Above And Beyond

It’s always great to receive positive feedback from the community, especially when it comes to major construction projects. If you’ve been out to the Pinellas Bayway Bridge recently, you’ll notice that main bridge work is quickly drawing to a close and crews are out there making the most of their remaining time on the project. Terri McKaig, a resident of Pinellas County, called District Seven to praise the workers on the project and to let us know that she wasn’t the only one who was taking notice. “I know so many people who live in this area, and each and every one of them have noticed how every person out there is always hard at work and not wasting any time,” McKaig said.  One specific incident she mentioned was when a truck lost part of its load on the bridge, several of the workers jumped the barrier wall and helped the guy load back up so the truck could be out-of-the-way quickly without delaying traffic.

“The workers are doing such a great job,” McKaig continued. “I was quite impressed with how quickly and professionally the workers handled the truck situation. Many of us out here would be complaining more about the bridge project except for the fact that the workers give us no reason to. No time is wasted!” When asked if she had a message for the Bayway Bridge construction crew, Ms. McKaig kept her answer short and sweet. “Stay safe out there. We need more workers like you!”

Keep up the great work!!

Pinellas Bayway Bridge Construction