Field Notes From The Past – “The Rescue of Raccoon Gandy”

“The Rescue of Raccoon Gandy”

This story was ripped from the pages of FDOT life. This event actually took place.

October 5, 2009 – 4:30 am:

In the early morning hours, an inspector with FDOT was making the rounds for his monthly streetlight outage report. While crossing the Gandy Bridge, he noticed that one of the street lights appeared to be malfunctioning. He pulled over to the side shoulder, looked up,  and saw a raccoon clinging for its life up on top of the light pole.

After contemplating to himself just how a raccoon could end up all the way on top of a light pole, the inspector’s sense of duty came into play. He realized the raccoon was trapped on the light pole, hanging over the roadway, and could fall or jump into oncoming traffic – potentially causing a motorist to crash on the bridge. Thinking fast, the inspector sent in a call to the FDOT electric shop for a bucket truck and operator. Florida Highway Patrol was also called to the scene to help with traffic control, and Fish and Game dispatched a local trapper known as the “Critter Gitter.” The FDOT inspector then radioed out his now famous rescue battle-cry, “Hold on Raccoon Gandy, help is on the way!”

The little fellow was finally rescued after a joint effort and later released back into the wild to be amongst family and friends. The FDOT inspector thanked everyone and proceeded to make this log entry: “raccoon rescued from FDOT light pole on Gandy Bridge, October 5, 2009. All is well.”

– Author Unkown


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