CPM Graduation


Congratulations to the District Seven staff that graduated this past August from the Florida Certified Public Manger Program. This year marked a record for CPM, graduating over 400 public servants in the state. The Certified Public Manager program is a nationally-recognized program at Florida State University for training and developing public managers and supervisors.  The cohort began in 2012 along with classmates from District One and the Turnpike Enterprise. Our graduates are: Ivana Alter, Renee Calo, Ricardo Feliciano, Linda Jimenez, Katina Kavouklis, Angel Perez, Ashley Quaid, Bryan Shroyer, Barbara Strouse, Michele Turosz and Lonnie Wittmeyer.

Going through the program together created a lasting bond unmatched by any other course offered for many participants. One graduate notes, “Aside from working together on projects for class, we bonded over lunches and the car ride to and from Bartow. We would talk about the topics from class and share stories on how we could apply those ideas in our own work areas. The instructors were well rounded with years of experience in government, their insight helped me understand the history of serving the public and what role I play in the big picture.” Barbara Strouse from Right of Way explained, “CPM gave me the tools to expand my paradigms and empowered me to lead in team situations.” And fellow Right of Way team member Lonnie Wittmeyer summed it up with “I thought the CPM curriculum did a great job of teaching how management really ought to work, rather than just analyzing what has or hasn’t worked in the past. I really enjoyed how their classroom environment offered an uncensored forum within which thoughts and ideas could be freely exchanged without consequence.”

There are currently twelve students enrolled in the second cohort which is slated to graduate in August of 2016. For more information on the program visit www.fcpm.fsu.edu or contact Linda Jimenez in the Performance Management & Training office.