Courtney Campbell Trail Coming Soon

By Randy Aebersold (Clearwater Construction)

Get ready, because here it comes! In a few short weeks, the Courtney Campbell Trail will finally be open! At 12 feet in width and 10 plus miles in overall length, it will connect Pinellas County to Hillsborough County and have the added bonus of being right in the middle of Tampa Bay. Just imagine a sidewalk across the water! Convenient to St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, the entire Bay Area, this is a premium destination for locals and tourists alike. It’s a one of a kind trail for anyone and everyone who wants to walk, skip, run, jog, bike, skate, skateboard, or just marvel from the view of this glorious project.

You can choose to start your day early in Clearwater going east and enjoying the sunrise, start late in the evening in Tampa traveling west and watch the sun as it sets, or start anytime in-between and just enjoy the sunshine and solace. As you make your way along the path you might observe dolphins, manatees, fish of all sorts, birds that are flying, floating, standing or sitting, or that altogether calming view of miles and miles of water!

There are two bridges on this path to conquer, with views to die for all along the way! However, the higher bridge on the east side may not be easy for some folks. It has a length and incline that can test even the daily walker, but the view from the top is a reward for your efforts you won’t want to miss. You can spend a few minutes, an hour, or all day here. So shut off that television, bring your water and binoculars, free your mind of all the stress and come out to really enjoy life again!

Take the path less traveled!