District Seven “Steps-Up” in 2015


As soon as the calendar turned the page to 2015, District Seven hit the ground running and we haven’t looked back since. We’ve had a number of exciting events take place here in the district and with many more on the horizon, there’s no doubt it’s going to be an exciting second half of the year.

February welcomed the arrival of our first ever District Seven Step-Up Conference. The event was a huge success and brought together several members of management and leadership positions . There were months of planning and hard work that went into making the conference possible and I appreciate everyone who attended and was a part of this great team-building event.

In March, we had the privilege of hosting the Madison Middle School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Program. It was a great opportunity for kids to learn more about Intermodal Systems, Future of Transportation (Self-driven vehicles) and Structural/Bridge Engineering. Thank you to all the FDOT staff that presented for this event. It’s crucial that we teach our youth the importance of these subjects. Also in March, the second-annual “Bike with the Mayor” day was held in the City of Temple Terrace. Many members of the District Seven staff attended this event that not only served as a fun way to gain exercise, but also as an opportunity to speak about the safety and health benefits of biking.

To wrap up the month, we teamed up with the Tampa Bay Lightning and USF CUTR (Center for Urban Transportation and Research) to promote our statewide “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” safety campaign. As many of you know, I’m a huge hockey fan, and standing down on the ice in front of a sold-out crowd at a professional hockey game is something I will never forget. Go Bolts!

In closing, I appreciate the hard work each and every one of you devote to your job on a daily basis. The innovative projects and ideas developed here in District Seven continue to help improve our statewide transportation system, and the amount of dedication that you all have toward making the State of Florida a safer place to live makes me proud to be a part of your team. It’s this very teamwork that exists within District Seven that makes us so successful. I hope all of you received your FDOT lapel pin from me and wear it proudly, representing our first class organization and one of the best transportation departments in the country. Let’s continue to “Step-Up” and work toward our goals as a district and gain success in each and every day.

– Paul