Starkey Elementary Gets Schooled On Bridges

Back in February, Marshall Hampton from the District Structures Maintenance Office visited Starkey Elementary School in Pinellas County to stop by and talk bridges with the school’s S.T.E.M. program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The roughly 30 4th and 5th graders were treated to a fun and informative presentation as well as many opportunities for hands-on learning.


Handouts of bridge and truss types, a model of the Skyway, a visual aid of the main span segmental box girder of the Skyway, a slice of a concrete cylinder, a piece of rebar and a model of a pre-stress beam made of timber blocks and string by the District Structures Maintenance Engineer Jim Jacobsen were just some of the items made available for student interaction.


The students were engaged for nearly a full hour and asked many questions ranging from how long Marshall has been an engineer to the most expensive or strongest bridges in the world. He was so well received, he actually returned to the school a few weeks later on March 8 to help participate in their marshmallow structure competition. Thanks, Marshall!