From The Desk Of Secretary Gwynn

Secretary David Gwynn

As part of our re-launch of the D7Now newsletter, I was asked if I wanted to include a message to all District employees.  As I thought about a potential message, the topic that came to mind was a brief look back at my first nine months as your District Seven Secretary.

I often get asked by people outside the Department if the job is what I expected, and most importantly, if I am enjoying it.  I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying the position, and the job is what I expected in some areas and not what I expected in others.

As far as enjoying the job, I get a lot of satisfaction representing the D7 to other FDOT Districts and Central Office, the general-public, elected officials, and others in the community.  I take a lot of pride in the work each of you do for the District and your dedication to improving our community.  We don’t always get the recognition we deserve, and I always try to make sure I let people know how much the hard work and results you attain are appreciated.  I also have enjoyed getting to know many of you, and hope to be able to get to know even more of you over the coming months.  Every day I learn about something new I didn’t even know we did at the District, and I always come away impressed with what I have learned.

As far as whether the job is what I expected is a bit of  a mixed bag.  Having worked in District Seven for eight months in 2016, I already knew we had a lot of great people here – so I had a high expectation already.  What I didn’t expect was how many other folks I never had a chance to interact with during my first stint here who were also doing great work.  I find more of you every day!  I did not realize how much work goes into responding to customer complaints and requests, and just how responsive we are.  I also didn’t realize how many people are personally impacted by what we do, so I am continually learning in that regard.

As I near the end of my first full-year as District Seven Secretary, I commit to you that I will continue to strive to represent you in a positive manner and continually look for ways to improve our District.  I know you will help me in that quest, and I hope you will continue to give me input as to how we can continually improve.

Thank you for all you do to make District Seven such a great organization.

– David