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Who was Archie James Bush?

By Steve Womble – District Structures Maintenance Office For those who have been with FDOT a good while, there develops this sense of family with many others, and especially those with whom we work over some years.  Well, another one of those “old family members” passed on last December 16, at 95 years; Archie James … Continue reading

Honoring America’s Roadway Safety Leaders

  (Washington, DC) — During a national awards ceremony on Capitol Hill, the Roadway Safety Foundation (RSF) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) today honored the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for its efforts to increase the safety and efficiency of collecting highway lighting level data to reduce serious injuries and fatal crashes on roadways. … Continue reading

Jim Jacobsen Takes Japan

If you’re ever looking for District Structures Maintenance Engineer Jim Jacobsen, chances are he’s out on a bridge somewhere in District One or District Seven – or Japan. In late October 2015, Jacobsen had the rare opportunity to travel halfway across the globe to the “Land of the Rising Sun,” visiting the bridges of Tokyo, … Continue reading

Atlas V Rocket Launch

On Wednesday, July 15, District Seven Secretary Paul Steinman and members of the district management staff were on hand at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for the Atlas V rocket launch by United Launch Alliance.  The rocket was equipped with a GPS 2F-10 satellite to be placed into orbit, the 10th in a series of … Continue reading

A Day In The Life Of An FDOT Mom

By Renee Calo (Work Program) The 4:30 am alarm sounds and the race begins. I tip toe around the bassinet and the cat, who tries to assassinate me in the dark. The next 40 minutes challenge my inabilities to be quiet. Between dropping stuff (everything), a usual toe stub or wall bump, the cat meows … Continue reading

Connecting The Dots

By Daniel Constantinopoli (OIS) Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. once said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” The video you are about to see is me connecting my dots which have guided me here, writing my first article for the FDOT Newsletter. Now … Continue reading

District Seven Says Farewell to Terry Hensley

By Taylor Dorman (Intern – Public Information)   On Thursday, April 16, a retirement party was held at District Seven in honor of the departure of Terry Hensley, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Operations Manager and Sun Guide Center guru. The colorful, Dr. Seuss-themed party was inspired by Seuss’ famous book Oh, The Places You’ll Go! … Continue reading

Intern Life At FDOT

By Taylor Dorman (Intern – Public Information) As an intern with District Seven, I am frequently asked what I will take away most from this internship. The knowledge I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve shared with the Public Information Office (PIO) easily come to mind when I begin to answer this question. However, The Florida … Continue reading

Getting To Know: Claudette Collier

By Taylor Dorman (Intern – Public Information) The Florida Department of Transportation employs thousands of people throughout the state. The District Seven headquarters alone contains hundreds of staff members. For an employee in District Seven, it can become a challenge to make connections with every single person in the various departments. As a way to help … Continue reading

CPM Graduation

Congratulations to the District Seven staff that graduated this past August from the Florida Certified Public Manger Program. This year marked a record for CPM, graduating over 400 public servants in the state. The Certified Public Manager program is a nationally-recognized program at Florida State University for training and developing public managers and supervisors.  The cohort began … Continue reading